Porsche Flywheel Clock

       Here is another one of our Porsche-based pieces.  Designed for the Porsche enthusiast and collector, this is a one of a kind desk clock made from a 964/993 single mass lightweight flywheel and clutch assembly combined with some bespoke CNC machined parts.

       The core of the flywheel has been machined out and replaced with a solid Delrin core.  An inset, ceramic coated clock face is used that has been engraved to somewhat mimic the tachometer in the car, with a silhouette of the car outline and dash cluster layout.  The inner friction face has been ground and engrave with a six puck disk pattern typically found in the cup cars.

       The pressure plate has been machined out, and a 6061 aluminum backing plate was made as the support frame for the CNC machined truss legs to attach to.  The clock sports a satin black, tungsten, and brushed aluminum scheme and it is all satin clear coated for durability.  There is no front crystal(cover plate) over the movement.  The movement is a battery powered Takane quartz movement.

Price $800 + freight

Available Options:

-Billet aluminum wall mount plate + $75