Here we took a complete C5/C6 Corvette torque tube and driveshaft assembly, put our own spin on it, and created a rather unique floor lamp. The main tube body was shortened substantially, cleaned up of excess mount tabs, and welded up with the carrier bearing block to the end.  Coated in a gloss tungsten finish and capped at the bottom with a dark stained oak wood base.

       We took the center driveshaft tube and CNC machined the Corvette text logo into it, coated it with a Raptor textured finish, then lined the tube with a translucent light diffuser lense.  Inside the base and the tube is an LED light strip module that is remote controlled, with multiple selectable color and blink/fade/brightness mode options.  Both the main lamp and LED module work independently from each other .

       The lamp shade is made from solid carbon fiber 3K4HS weave to nearly 1/8" thick, has a stone wash off white internal finish for  a soft light reflection with chrome edge trim and polished aluminum mount plates.  The shade support and light socket are constructed from welded timing chains, valves, valve stems, and other misc internal engine components with an integrate on/off switch.

       This lamp stands over six feet tall and weighs approximately 48lbs.

Price $1699 + freight